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Remember that God comes!

Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today, now!

(Pope Benedict XVI, Celebration of First Vespers of Advent,

Vatican Basilica, Dec 2006)



The Season of Advent is a season of vigilant waiting, preparing us to welcome the mystery of the Word Incarnate, who will give light to the world. This light flows out to illuminate our lives, so that we too can become the light that brightens the world. To wait for the Lord who comes means to watch so that. the Word of Love enters inside us and becomes the focus of our everyday lives.

I wish all parishioners a blessed and holy Christmas!



Welcome to All Saints Catholic Church Website.

I am Fr. Elver Delicano, the present Parish Priest.  I came to this Parish last 28th of January 2015.  It is always with great Joy and privilege wherever my Archbishop sends me.

Last October 25, 2018, we celebrated the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe.  This special Feast ends the Liturgical Calendar Year B and commences the Advent Season Year C.

On behalf of the All Saints Parish Community, may I joyfully welcome you in this Holy Season of Advent 2018.  This Season is a good time to prepare our heart, mind, body and soul for the coming Birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. In this holy season, it is my holy desire and prayer that we may walk together with purpose but with calmness, may we speak with passion but with grace, may we judge with firmness of faith but with mercy, may we live with conviction but with consideration, may we work energetically but with direction and may we give generously and without condition.  For the Joy that will last is the one we receive when we walk with God and put Him first in our lives.




Fr Elver