All Saints Adoration Chapel open 24/7, all are welcome. Contact office at 046660475 for entry PIN code.

The New Parish Centre will be situated on the green strip between the upper car park and the presbytery. Existing car bays will not be affected. The design allows opening the doors on the side facing the upper car park to enlarge the enclosed 185 m2 hall with an undercover space, thereby doubling the size if needed. In addition, there will be ample storage, a spacious kitchen with walk-in pantry, and restrooms. The new Parish Centre development has prioritised safety between the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, in relation to the new building layout. The upper car park will become one-way vehicle traffic only with dedicated entry and exit and no vehicle access to the lower car park. A new pedestrian only path will be located at the existing driveway ramp between the upper and lower car parks.  The current exit from the lower car park area will be widened to accommodate an entry and exit lane. This will improve safety by minimising cross ways between cars and pedestrians. Should you have any queries or concerns, please call


Eric Jas on 0403-024802



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